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Cover related questions

What is meant by a "Total Loss"?

A 'Total Loss' (write-off) is where your motor insurer determines that the damage to your vehicle is such that it is beyond economical repair and as a result they make you an offer for the value of your vehicle and the salvage of your vehicle is forfeited to them.

Is the GAP Insurance transferable if I decide to sell my car?

Yes, we will allow you to transfer your GAP policy to your new car. Depending on the vehicle and the cost of your motor insurance premium there be an additional premium to pay.

What is the maximum claim amount?

We will pay up to a maximum of £10,000.

I have owned my car for the last 12 months can I still purchase this cover?

Yes you can provided the vehicle is under 10 years old.

My car is brand new, should I purchase this cover?

You must check your motor insurance policy to see if the motor insurer would replace your vehicle for a new one ("New for Old cover") if it was written off in the first 12 months. If they do then our policy would not pay out, but you could transfer the policy free of charge to the replacement vehicle. It is worth noting however that there are many situations where New for Old may not apply or is not offered and a GAP policy would still benefit you. If you are still unsure please contact us to discuss..

I have purchased my vehicle in a private sale or at an Auction, can I still buy this policy?

Yes you can.

How long does this policy last for?

12 months. You will then be contacted 4 weeks before the expiry inviting you to renew your policy.

What vehicles do you cover?

We cover private cars. They need to be less than 10 years old and have a valid motor insurance in place. We can't cover your vehicle if it is used as a Taxi, Driving school, courier, Chauffeur or commercial vehicle.

My vehicle has been modified will you still cover me?

Your vehicle will not be eligible for cover if it has been modified. This would include changes to the bodywork, such as spoilers or body kits, changes to the suspension or brakes, and changes affecting performance such as engine management. If you are unsure please email us.

Do you pay off the finance outstanding on my vehicle if it is written off by my motor insurers?

This policy is not connected to finance. However when we settle your claim, payment is made directly to the policy holder which means you can use this money to help clear the outstanding finance on your vehicle.

Do I have to have finance on my car to benefit from this policy?

No is the simple answer. This cover is not linked to any finance. We simply calculate your claim by increasing the motor insurer's settlement figure by 25%. So it is equally beneficial for customers who own their vehicle outright.

My motor insurer has paid out more than what the car is worth at the time of the write off. Will that affect my claim with you?

Yes it will. Our policy will increase the motor insurer's settlement figure by 25%, which we align to the current market value for your vehicle (the going rate). However if the motor insurer settles over the current market value we will only apply the 25% increase to the market value, not the higher settlement from the motor insurer. Please check your policy wording for further details.

My vehicle is on a contract hire/lease can I still purchase this cover?


Claim Related Questions?

How long does it take for my claim to be settled?

From receipt of your fully completed claim form we aim to settle your claim within 5 working days.

How do I make a claim?

To make a claim call us on 01803 416 283 or email us at [email protected]. Our lines are open Monday to Friday (excluding bank holidays) between 9am and 5pm.

Do I have a deadline to notify a claim?

You need to contact us within 60 days of your total loss occurring.

How many times can I claim under this policy?

There is only one claim allowed per policy period.

General Questions?

Who are Choose Your Insurance?

Our brand is quite new but we have been selling insurance policies since 1995. We work with key partners to deliver competitive and easily accessible insurance products online. We are authorised and regulated by the Financial Service Authority under number 307038.

Who are the insurers for this product?

We only work with UK based insurers who have excellent security rating - 'A' rated. Please check the policy document for the name of your insurer. If you have any concerns on who the insurer is please contact us.

Do you have an additional charges?

We will charge £15 for duplicate documents, where we have to post the documents to you and for cancellations.

Can I cancel my policy after I have purchased it?

Yes you can and you will be entitled to a part refund less an administration charge. Please see your policy for full details on your cancellation rights.

Do I need to advise you of any changes of circumstances?

Yes. You must advise us if you change address, name, use of vehicle or if you change your vehicle or modify it. If you are unsure please contact us in any event via email.

Can I amend the policy myself?

At the moment you can't, but we are developing our website so that in the future you will be able to make changes. We will let you know when this new feature becomes available.

Documentation Questions?

How will I receive my policy documents?

To keep premiums as low as possible we will email your policy documents after you have purchased them online. If you don't receive them we recommend checking your junk folder in first instance. If you have not received them within 24 hours please contact us via email. If require your documents in the post a small charge will be made.