More info about GAP

Why have GAP?

Most of us don't think about the consequences of what can happen when your vehicle is declared a write off (total loss) by your motor insurer following an accident, fire or theft. A write off means that your motor insurance company has taken the decision that the vehicle is uneconomical to repair or can't be found following the theft. When this happens your motor insurer will pay out what they consider to be the current value of your vehicle, known as "The market value". Because all vehicles depreciate (some a lot quicker than others) this 'market value' could be considerably less than what you paid for your vehicle and could even be less then what you have outstanding to pay on Finance, leaving you with a financial loss.

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What is Total Loss Top Up?

Total Loss Top Up is a unique type of GAP insurance policy. In the event your vehicle is declared a write-off sometimes the money you receive from the motor insurer will not seem enough because it is shocking how much cars depreciate. With Total Loss Top Up this policy will increase the motor insurers total loss payout by 25%, up to maximum of £10,000, simple as that!

What are the benefits of this GAP product over others?

  • Unlike traditional GAP Insurance sold by car dealers this product gives you greater flexibility.
  • You can buy a 1 year policy so you are not tied into a cover for several years and can therefore review it each year.
  • This GAP product can be renewed every year until your car reaches 10 years old.
  • Available no matter how long you have owned the car.
  • If you change your car we will transfer your policy to your new car, free of charge.
  • If you purchased your car privately or leased it, you can still purchase this cover.

It is a simple, flexible way to make sure you will have more money to buy a better replacement car after a write off or help cover outstanding finance.

Please read this if your vehicle is brand new

If your vehicle is brand new and you are the first registered keeper of the vehicle your motor insurance policy might offer a 'new for old' cover during the vehicles first year. This means that if your vehicle is a write off your motor insurer will try and replace your vehicle for a new one rather than settling in money. If you do receive a replacement vehicle this means our policy would not need to pay out. However we will transfer your policy to your new vehicle free of charge so that your cover continues. There are many situations when 'new for old' doesn't apply. The important thing to do if your vehicle is brand new is to check your motor insurance policy first before you purchase GAP insurance.

Why buy GAP from us rather than a dealer?

GAP Insurance is often sold by motor dealers at the point of purchasing a vehicle from them. However it is worth shopping around before you commit to buying the dealers GAP product. As an online provider we don't have the same overheads that a motor dealer has. We can therefore pass this saving onto you and make your premiums even cheaper. For your protection and comfort our policies are underwritten by leading UK based insurers, all of whom are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

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