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About Motor Excess Insurance

It is easy to forget that if we make a claim on our motor insurance policy we may have to pay an Excess, this can often be a few hundred pounds! Motor Excess Insurance refunds your excess payments on your car insurance policy, which means if you have to claim on your car insurance and you cannot recover your excess from a liable third party, then you are totally covered by Motor Excess Insurance.


If you or an authorised driver of your car (such as your son or daughter) had an accident and the claim cost was £3,000, and your excess was £400, then you would have to pay that £400 before your insurer would repair your vehicle. Or your car might be stolen, and your insurer would pay you the value of the car less that £400 excess.

Motor Excess Insurance would refund £400 to you, making sure you're not left out of pocket.

SAVE EVEN MORE MONEY WITH Motor Excess Insurance

If you purchase Motor Excess Insurance this could allow you to choose a higher excess on your motor insurance policy which in turn could bring your motor insurance premium down, saving you even more money.

Don't forget though, that the higher the excess you have on your motor insurance, the higher the cost of the claim would need to be before your insurer will deal with the claim, and you cannot claim on Motor Excess Insurance if you cannot claim on your motor insurance.


  • Theft, malicious damage, fire and fault claims covered;
  • Anyone insured to drive your vehicle is covered, including young drivers;
  • We will refund your excess if the accident is not your fault or if the driver is uninsured or just drove off.
  • Motor Excess Insurance provides cover for 12 months.
  • Save money on your motor insurance premium